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Scavs (short for "scavengers") are typically openly hostile humans who lead a miserable existence on Elpis scavenging from the abandoned remnants of Dahl's former colonies.


The history of the short stories differs little from the history of the bandits from Pandora: they were prisoners working for Dahl's corporation. After the catastrophic event on Elpis known as the Crackening, the stories were free and were able to get hold of military equipment, and also organized their production of weapons.

They are organic enemiess, capable of having shields. Also scavs uses vehicles "stolen" from the Dahl's abandoned facilities or appropriated from Lost Legion.

Common Units





Scavs have access to various scavenged pieces of equipment, most of them stolen Dahl remnants.

Notable Scavs


Darksiders are scavengers that are in a gang war with RedBelly's band of scavs. The Darksiders are found in the central structure within Triton Flats above the Fast Travel station.

Common Darksiders

Notable Darksiders

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