Say That To My Face is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage given by the Forge Bounty Board. It becomes available after Knockin' on Heaven's Door is complete.




  • Find Smack Talker
  • Kill Personal 'Troll'


This mission can be done concurrently with Knockin' on Heaven's Door in the same area.

In this mission the Vault Hunters are ambushed by the Anonymous Troll and a group of bikers. The bikers are basic Bikers and Rioters, but the Anonymous Troll himself can be a formidable opponent with his high health and powerful shield.

On higher difficulty levels his shield can have a very short recharge delay, forcing attackers to keep sustained fire on him in order to prevent the shield from recharging. To this end, elemental status effects become a valuable asset in keeping the damage going while taking cover or reloading.


"You successfully put the trash-talkers in their rightful place: specifically six feet under."

Turn In: Forge Bounty Board


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