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Savages are human enemies in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt and Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax, and can be found throughout the continent of Aegrus and on Wam Bam Island.


How exactly the savages came to occupy Aegrus is unclear. The presence of industrial ruins on the continent may imply that the savages, like Bandits elsewhere on Pandora, are the remnants of an abandoned workforce. However, the fact that most savages appear studded with Eridium fragments on their arms, legs, and chests, much like Professor Nakayama, may indicate that they are more closely connected with the more recent arrival of Nakayama and the H.S.S. Terminus.

In any case, the savages of Aegrus appear to be commanded by Professor Nakayama, who sends them to impede the Vault Hunters and defend his research. The savages also appear to deify Hyperion and the late Handsome Jack; one savage is seen wearing a Jack mask in the opening cutscene of Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, as do Nakayama's elite savages. Some savages apparently also worship Claptrap (himself a piece of Hyperion technology) until he speaks ill of Handsome Jack. Around Aegrus, the savages have attached metallic masks to Hyperion loot lockers and constructed closet-like chests shaped like Claptrap.

Most savages speak an unintelligible language that Thirstblood identifies as "Aegran." The savages are occasionally shown to understand and clumsily speak English, and some like Thirstblood are fluent (and actually quite friendly and affable).


Tribes of savages are the dominant human enemies on the continent of Aegrus. They maintain some limited technological advancements, and will fight against the local fauna as well as the Vault Hunters.

Savage Units[]


  • If a Witch Doctor is left alone for too long, they can empower the savages into new forms, not unlike Varkid, the main differences being that Witch Doctors do so more often than varkids evolve, that the effect may apply to multiple savages at once, and that several witch Doctors in one place may severely speed up the process. Witch Doctors themselves cannot evolve.
  • As per above note, do not let Witch Doctors live long enough to evolve their Savage allies, unless specifically seeking the increased difficulty and increased quality of loot. On the other hand, upon evolving (or being healed, if evolution cannot go any further), savages will raise their arms momentarily, exposing their throat and thus providing a rare opportunity to score a critical hit on masked savages.
  • When a Savage reaches the evolution level of 'Demon', they gain immunity to fire damage.
  • Badass Savages have the ability to evolve into the mini-boss Omnd-Omnd-Ohk