Savage Warriors are enemies in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. They are primarily melee orientated units and appear armed with an axe and a shield.



Savage warriors run at a fairly sedate pace into melee range when they attack. They are armed with both axe and shield, and will use these to great effect in close combat, often side-stepping when they get close to their target in order to initiate attacks from the side. They sometimes pause to throw their axe from a distance. This tactic is conducted periodically regardless of whether the warrior can find a path to his target or not.


A Demon Warrior

  • Savage Warriors, when 'evolved' by Witch Doctors, will become Skilled Warriors, then Blood Warriors, then Animal Warriors, and finally Demon Warriors.
    • Skilled Warriors will do a quick roll, before swinging their axe. This can be easily evaded by sidestepping, and it leaves them open to a counterattack.
    • Blood Warriors will run into close, but not point-blank range, and start throwing axes.
    • Animal Warriors will discard their shield to reveal a set of claws. They will also move quickly on all-fours and slash at targets. They also sound like skags, usually when upgrading and when attacking.
    • Demon Warriors will discard their mask and charge with repeated attacks. They are also completely immune to fire-based attacks.

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