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Savage Triggerman is a human type of enemy encountered in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. They are savages armed with firearms, and have the ability to attack targets at extreme range.



Triggermen have less health than other savages and tend to keep to long range when in combat, so much so that they will often simply stop and crouch to shoot as soon as their target is in their line of sight. They typically use assault rifles or submachine guns.


  • Savage Triggermen have the usual savage ability of being 'evolved' by Witch Doctors. The evolution line changes their prefix from Savage to Skilled, to Bloodthirsty, to Feral, and finally to Demon.
    • Their behaviour changes very little in the "Skilled" stage, although they may seek cover more often, and their SMG may change as well, making it possible for them to switch to an Elemental SMG.
    • When they reach the "Bloodthirsty" stage, they will pull out an axe and charge with it, only stopping if they are killed or evolve again.
    • In the "Feral" stage, they will keep low to the ground and move carefully while shooting.
    • Finally in the "Demon" stage, they will become completely immune to fire-based attacks (completely resisting, as opposed to partially resisting) and will carry a shotgun instead.