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Savage Lands is the first story mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.



  • Find and talk to Sir Hammerlock
  • Travel to lodge
  • Defeat savages in lodge
  • Turn on lodge power
  • Follow Hammerlock
  • Protect Sir Hammerlock
  • Wait for repairs to complete


This mission is automatically granted the first time a Vault Hunter arrives in Hunter's Grotto. The first objective is to find Sir Hammerlock, and this is achieved by traversing an open plain to a concealed cave some distance away. The most direct route is directly under an elevated hunting lodge, and then following the nearby cliff wall on the right to a set of hangar doors. The open ground is inhabited by several Wetland Drifters, providing a dangerous hazard to unwary runners. The starting position provides sufficient cover to eliminate the closest drifter before any attempt to reach Hammerlock is made.

Sir Hammerlock can be found seated in his cave, and will lead the way up to the lodge when spoken to. A number of savages have occupied the lodge and must be removed before it is made safe for a base camp. A number warriors rush out to attack and triggermen then appear on the narrow balcony when the warriors are eliminated. A witch doctor remains inside, and supports the others from the safety of the lodge. The lesser units provide a conventional fight, but the witch doctor is a formidable opponent that can periodically level up the others in newer and more powerful incarnations. In higher difficulties his damage output can be considerable, making him difficult to fight directly. The confines of the lodge can offer some relief in that many of the more exotic grenade mods will be within close proximity to the target.

Once the savages are cleared out and power is restored to the building, Sir Hammerlock leads the way down to the local Catch-A-Boat terminal. He then has to repair the unit, all while more savages arrive and attack. Again warriors and triggermen are supported by witch doctors, and this time they are also accompanied by hunters. The witch doctors are prime targets, but the hunters can also pose a threat with thrown spears that can deliver both high damage and a stun effect that can ensnare a Vault Hunter for a subsequent attack.


"Welcome to Aegrus. Now: kill some stuff!"

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock


  • Sir Hammerlock is armed with a sniper rifle and fights in a two-shot, then pause, pattern. He will open fire on any target with a line of sight, but at no time will any of the savages or creatures attack him in return.
  • Even if the Lodge's doors are closed Savages will be able to clip through them.