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Savage Hunters are savages armed with pronged spears in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.



Savage Hunters attack in packs with other savages, providing a middle-distance skirmish role for their group. Where possible they avoid direct conflict and will run indefinitely to maintain their distance from attackers trying to reach them. When they have sufficient range they stop and throw their spears in a high arcing trajectory. In addition to being able to inflict damage, the spears of these hunters can also apply a stun effect that can slow a target a for a few seconds. Should a savage hunter evolve to the point where he gains a "Demon" prefix to his name, he becomes camouflaged, only visible by fine white lines tracing his transparent form.

Each of the Savage Hunter's evolution will be stronger than the previous and Demon Hunters are immune to Maya's Phaselock ability.


  • Savage Hunter
  • Skilled Hunters
  • Animal Hunters
  • Demon Hunters