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Saurians are large, dinosaur like-creatures, easily identified by their two hind legs and violent behavior.


Saurians are native to the harsh, swampy climate of the planet Eden-6. They live in both the open swamp land as well as closed off cave systems. Smaller species tend to hunt in packs, while the larger specimens prefer a more solitary life.

At some point they were taken to Gehenna by Jakobs thanks to the project New Horizons to experiment on them. There are known as "Devils", and are tamed and utilized by the Devil Riders as mounts and weapons of war. Other byproducts of them include rakk-like Scourge, snake-like wyrms and wyvern-like dactyls.


Saurian Types



Bounty of Blood

Notable Saurians

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Bounty of Blood


  • Some Saurians may be tamable as seen by Pippie.
    • Rose states that if a person raises one from an egg, it is likely to imprint on the person who raised it. Though her comment also suggests that this is not guaranteed.


  • Saurian as an adjective means "like a lizard" and "any large reptile" when used as a noun. This refers to how some dinosaurs (of which saurians are based on) are reptiles.
    • BALEX also refers to Saurians as dinosaurs, as during the mission The Family Jewel, he says "a fucking dinosaur" when one is approaching.
  • According to Tannis, Saurian sweat glands are used as an aphrodisiac in several systems under the name "Licking Tail".