Saturn is a massive loader boss that protects the Hyperion Information Stockade in Borderlands 2. It lands on a bridge that leads to the stockade above what remains of the town of Fyrestone upon getting close enough to the landing site.

Saturn does not need to be defeated in order to complete any objective in that area; however, it can be very difficult to accomplish any mission without defeating Saturn first. It has four mounted turrets, one on each shoulder and one on each leg, which can be shot off.

Saturn can also spawn in The Raid on Digistruct Peak, on Overpower Level 7 or higher.


Saturn is very robust and has several devastating attacks. Saturn has no critical points, is immune to Slag effects, and is highly resistant to splash damage. The turrets, however, can be slagged and damaged like a normal enemy. 

Saturn has four attack patterns, with the first three all having a visible wind up, and Saturn will make an audible noise as he stands perfectly still and aims at the player directly. The first attack is an electric cannon barrage which will nearly one-shot equal-leveled characters. The second attack is a rocket barrage in which Saturn shoots the missiles directly upwards. They then home in after a set distance. Saturn also has a very similar attack which launches explosive drones - these do more damage and are launched directly towards Saturn's targets rather than upwards, but move slower. Finally, Saturn will stomp for area of effect damage if an attacker gets too close.

With Saturn's attacks being as powerful as they are, all aggression against this robot should be conducted from places where cover is readily available. The four plasma cannons and rocket pods can also be destroyed to further reduce Saturn's effectiveness. The plasma cannon damage is arguably trivial compared to Saturn itself. Additionally, should Saturn be under the bridge during his missile launching, he will fire all the rockets into the bridge and leave himself open to fire. Gaige's Deathtrap will not attack him if he is too close, and will only use the laser as if attacking an aerial enemy, thus if the player is utilizing Gaige, the Deathtrap will only help from semi distances and for distractions, but will otherwise be entirely useless as once Saturn gets too close it will cease registering an enemy in the area and simply idle in place. All of the other characters will not have any issues utilizing their skills.

Saturn is vulnerable to melee attacks with the Law and Order weapon and shield combo. Since Saturn's attacks are primarily long ranged, he has limited ability to damage melee attackers faster than they can heal themselves, especially Zer0 with his numerous melee damage bonuses. Saturn's gun turrets count as separate enemies to Saturn himself for purposes of getting Second Winds.

Saturn is also vulnerable to Zer0's B0re skill. Shooting the hitboxes where the turrets are connected to the body will result in a massive amount of damage being dealt to Saturn's actual body. A well placed Pimpernel shot can kill Saturn instantly with this method.


  • A lone Pup Skag will spawn behind the bus station. He can be used for an easy Second Wind.
  • Saturn has a higher chance to drop the Invader, and is the only loot source for the Hive.
  • Saturn dropped the Morningstar on Day 20 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.
  • There is a small shed attached to the rear of the bus station that can be ducked into and out of for easy dodging of Saturn's attacks. Additionally, should he wander close enough to it, the windows and door provide enough open space to shoot at Saturn while his own attacks cannot penetrate the room.


  • Saturn was originally to be a boss battle at the end of the mission Statuesque, where it would vary between it spawning and another enemy called Talos, this feature was shown but removed from the final version.[citation needed]
  • In the game's coding, Saturn is identified by the name "Talos." In Greek mythology, Talos was a bronze giant who was killed when a nail was removed from his ankle, causing his 'blood' to drain out.
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