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Sapper Tinks are midget enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.



Sapper Tinks are Tinks that quickly and erratically run around the battlefield hurling seamine-esque bombs at enemies. Despite the fact the bombs are almost as big as they are, Sapper Tinks can throw these bombs great distances and with surprising accuracy to flush enemies out of cover. While these bombs do not explode upon impact and are easy to dodge (or reflect since they bounce off of targets), they are very powerful and can quickly break shields or down a Vault Hunter. Additionally, and particularly if wounded, a Sapper Tink may perform a suicide attack by getting close to a Vault Hunter and detonating a bomb above their heads.

Like all COV, Sapper Tinks never wear shields and are vulnerable to incendiary damage. Also, like regular Tinks, their large heads make for easy critical hits. Lastly, the bombs can be shot before they are thrown, which will critically damage and stagger, or outright kill the Sapper Tink and any other enemies that may be nearby.


  • In Mayhem and True Vault Hunter modes, their bombs may be elementally charged.
  • In Mayhem and True Vault Hunter, they are renamed to Demolition Tink

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