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The Sandskiff is a vehicle featured in the expansion pack Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. It is obtained by completing the mission My Life For A Sandskiff. It is a hovercraft featuring a machine-gun turret seat and a choice of three forward weapon variants:

  • Rocket - Accurate, but low velocity explosive round.
  • Sawblade - Rapid fire circular saw blades with some ricochet capability.
  • Harpoon - A single harpoon which sticks into the first thing it comes into contact with (excepting targets killed by the initial impact, which it will pierce through) and explodes after a short time.

The sandskiff glides along above the sands on a series of small levitation thrusters. Because it has no braking system, it naturally floats downhill when powered up (when the driver's seat is occupied). The variant weapons are mounted in the front and define what kind of vehicle weapon attack the driver can access. The turret weapon is a machine gun that either the drivers control with their alt-fire trigger, or a gunner controls if the gunner's chair is occupied. If the sandskiff has a gunner, the turret gun is fired using the primary trigger and the secondary trigger activates a zoom function for the turret gun. Additional passengers can ride on the foredeck and have access to their normal skills and weapons.


  • While characters are quite capable of standing on the sandskiff's foredeck, dropped weapons may pass through to the ground below.