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Sandman is an enemy in the Borderlands 2 DLC, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, who possesses one piece of the compass pointing to Captain Blade's treasure. He is accompanied by Big Sleep.


A former crew member of Captain Scarlett's band of pirates, Sandman was with Scarlett when they found two pieces of Captain Blade's compass. Wanting Sandman's compass piece for herself, Scarlett tried to stab him in the back, only to fail when her knife broke. Sandman then relocated to Hayter's Folly and surrounded himself with pirates of his own. Unfortunately for Sandman however, several Vault Hunters also have designs on Captain Blade's buried treasure, and Sandman and his compass piece stand in the way of that goal.



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  • Ha, you look so tiny from up here!
  • Screw you!
  • I'ma ride you piggyback til you die!
  • Tell Scarlett I'm comin' for her next!
  • You're half the man I am!
  • You're half the man I am and I'm only half your size! So if I was full-sized, I'd be four times the man you are!