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Sanders Gorge is a complex cave system in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC for Borderlands.


Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Weapon Crate Locations[]

Main article: Sanders Gorge: Weapon Crate Locations

Points of Interest[]

The significant feature of Sanders Gorge is its power station. This installation is closed off from the rest of the cave system behind some heavy security gates and contains an expansive circular cavern and a small control room. Defeating General Knoxx-Trap in the cavern grants access to the control room and a high number of lootable objects.

Below is a complete map of Sanders Gorge cave system. The paths marked by blue lights, orange torches, and green lights are denoted by bold lines of corresponding colors on the map.



  • Navigation may be difficult, but a rule of thumb is as follows:
  • The lockers in the power plant control room are always filled with sidearms or grenade mods, and the four chests have a higher chance of spawning legendary weapons.
  • When returning to this area after completing the mission here the gate leading into the power plant will be shut. However, the switch that opens it is still operative and can be used to gain access.


  • The name Sanders Gorge references Colonel Sanders, the founder of the KFC fast food chain.
    • Even the word "gorge" is related to food consumption.
  • Part of the main cave system is depicted on the map as a question mark to approximately indicate a tangled network of tunnels.