The Sandblast Scar is a location on the Planet of Pandora in Borderlands 3.

With a working engine and a full tank, you can outrun just about anything on a long enough road.
— In-game description


Notable Allies

Common Enemies


Story Missions

Points of Interest

Tannis' Garage

  • Entry point of the map with a fast travel station, vending machines for meds and ammo, Catch-A-Ride and some loot containers, one of which is a refrigerator. The loot containers do not refresh as you cross the barrier between Sandblast Scar and Konrad's Hold and vice versa. However, ammo will respawn on a timer. The interesting thing about Sandblast Scar is that it can be used to reach an eridium-encased weapon chest at the tail end of Konrad's Hold, once you cross the transition barrier. This can be farmed for either eridium or weapons. Each time you go between the two areas, the weapon cache will respawn.

The 'Cade

Diggit Canyon

Reckless Risers

  • A big open industrial place with multiple abandoned factory buildings.
  • There is a red chest inside the northern factory building behind a large tank.
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