We don't talk about Sanctuary II. - Live quote by Randy Pitchford.

Sanctuary III is an interstellar spaceship that acts as the main base of operations in Borderlands 3. Initially providing a way off Pandora, it continues to provide the access points to each new planet visited, and houses a wide variety of amenities to help maintain or upgrade characters between planetside adventures.



Points of Interest

  • The Bridge
  • A Quick Change station to change character appearance, emotes and respec skill points
  • A "Lost Loot" machine that can respawn rare, or better, quality items that have been left behind in the game environment.
  • A Bank to store excess gear. The bank is shared between all characters.
  • Marcus' Firing Range
  • Moxxi's Bar
  • Dr. Tannis' Infirmary
  • Sir Hammerlock's Quarters an area where trophies from "hunt" missions will be displayed.
  • Crazy Earl's Hideout where eridium can be exchanged for cosmetic upgrades or items with unique and special perks.
  • Golden Chest


  • As an Easter egg, thermal regulator in the Infirmary is made by IPerion, a real world venture of 2K Games that produces games and holds copyright of the entire Borderlands franchise.
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