We don't talk about Sanctuary II. - Live quote by Randy Pitchford.
Sanctuary III
Sanctuary III
Game Borderlands 3

Sanctuary III is a non-player driven vehicle in Borderlands 3.


Sanctuary III is your ride to fly to other planets within the universe. After your venture on Pandora you will find Sanctuary III.

It is a centralized hub/home base for players to stop between missions, meet friends, travel to new worlds, trade loot and prepare for the next mission.

Notable NPC's

(Currently confirmed NPC's)

Points of Interest

  • The Bridge
  • A Quick Change station (enables players to change their appearance, emotes and respec their skill points)
  • A "Lost Loot" vending machine (enables players to reacquire loot left behind during missions, that has gotten stuck in the environment or simply missed)
  • Marcus' Firing Range
  • Mad Moxxi's Bar
  • Dr. Tannis' Infirmary
  • Sir Hammerlock's Quarters (an area where trophies from "hunt" missions will be displayed (semi-confirmed))
  • Crazy Earl's Hideout (enables players to buy cosmetics, as well as a vending machine that sells guns with unique and special perks. Both of these cost eridium)
  • Golden Chest


  • As an Easter egg, thermal regulator in the Infirmary is made by IPerion, a real world venture of 2K Games that produces games and holds copyright of the entire Borderlands franchise.
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