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Sanctuary Hole is the berth for Dahl's mining vessel Sanctuary. It is revealed when the Crimson Raiders are forced to mobilize Sanctuary during one of Handsome Jack's orbital assaults. From that point onwards, it acts as a gateway to the Dahl mine, now known as the Caustic Caverns.

After Sanctuary is lifted from Sanctuary Hole, a number of "Sanctuary squatters" move in to take up residence. These bandits appears in small groups throughout the descent into the hole.

A breaker near the top is accessible by jumping out onto some broken masonry. This is positioned on the side of a shack that when entered unlocks the Sugar Shack challenge. A discoverable Vault symbol is visible from this vantage point when looking back to the path down into the hole. A third challenge is unlocked by jumping into the giant hole in the middle of the map. It will cause a death, but unlock "Down the Rabbit Hole."





  • Sanctuary Hole has level-scaled enemies.
  • Sanctuary Hole has no Fast Travel terminal. The nearest approaches are from Three Horns - Divide by short vehicle ride to access the top, or on foot from Caustic Caverns at the bottom.

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