Sanctuary is a story mission in Borderlands 3.


"The Crimson Raiders are leaving Pandora, the star syour destination. More specifically, Promethea. Assuming the ship doesn't fall apart before you leave orbit."



  • Enter ship
  • Talk to Lillith
  • Install astronav
  • Check on Tannis
  • Melee thermal control system
  • Talk to Marcus
  • Shoot fire suppressors (3)
  • Browse SDU case
  • Check crew quarters
  • Release trapped crew
  • Talk to Ellie
  • Open garage to space
  • Go to supply closet
  • Find Moxxi's nightclub
  • Follow Moxxi to slots
  • Take Eridium
  • Buy something from Crazy Earl
  • Pick up entropy accelerator
  • Install entropy accelerator
  • Return to bridge
  • Navigate to Promethea
  • Talk to Lillith



Turn In: Lilith


  • Mission items: Entropy Accelerator

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