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Sacked is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

Aurelia's eliminating the hired help. What's she hiding?
— In-game description


"It looks like Aurelia's been cleaning house, but like, in a murdery way. Find out what she's trying to hide."


  • This mission can be picked up inside the Jakobs Manor from the dead Butler of the Jakobs Family, Baldrin.


  • Search for clue
  • Unlock chest
  • Open chest
  • Get recording
  • Search servants' quarters
  • Search dead body
  • Take eviction notice
  • Find clues underneath Jakobs Estate
    • Search cellar
    • Search grotto
    • Search deeper in grotto
  • Find and talk to Clare
  • Search abandoned shack
  • Get recording
  • Go to Wainwright

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