"Nothin' like a turret kill!"
— Axton upon killing an enemy with the turret.

The Sabre Turret is the ability unique to the Commando Axton in Borderlands 2. It is both the name of the skill, and the turret deployed by the skill, an automated weapons platform that can distinguish friend from foe and dominate a small area of any battlefield.

The Sabre Turret's initial form is modest, but Axton's skills can change the turret's basic model to fill a variety of roles. It can be equipped with ammunition belts, rocket pods, a targeting laser, an extra gun (which fires Slag), a shield emitter, and mag-lock bases. Other skills (a "nuke" explosion when deployed, longbow technology (increased durability and deployed like a Longbow grenade instead of a Lobbed grenade), and the ability to deploy two turrets simultaneously) improve the turret's offensive and tactical use, but don't actually change the turret's appearance.


  • The Sabre Turret is manufactured by Dahl.
  • The Sabre Turret can be manually deactivated before its timer expires, which refunds some of the ability's cooldown in the process.
  • The turret takes 3 seconds to deploy.
  • The turret has a base duration of 20 seconds, which can be increased to 30 seconds with five points in the Sentry skill.
  • Without any points in Sentry, the turret fires 8 shots per burst.
  • The Sabre's base cooldown time is 42 seconds. This can be reduced to 33.6 seconds with five points in the Resourceful skill, and can be further reduced through class mods or relics.
  • The turret counts as a separate entity from Axton, and its main guns are thus affected by the fire rate bonus from the Gunner class mod. On the other hand, turret damage will not heal Axton if he is holding one of Moxxi's healing guns.
  • When the turret is first deployed, it has accelerated targeting speed until it begins firing at its first target. This bonus does not take effect if the turret has been deployed on a wall or ceiling with Mag Lock.
  • The turret will continue firing as it is disappearing at the end of its duration. Kills made by the turret during this time do not count as kills made by Axton and will not revive him if he is crippled.

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