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SWORDSPLOSION!!! is a unique E-tech shotgun manufactured by Torgue. It appears exclusively in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC for Borderlands 2. SWORDSPLOSION!!! is obtained from the mission The Sword in The Stoner.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Because Mister Torgue Said So. – Fires a single projectile in the shape of a sword which explodes upon impact, spawning three smaller swords, which also explode on impact. Consumes 2 ammo per shot.

Usage & Description[]

The SWORDSPLOSION!!! is a powerful weapon which deals explosive damage. The slow projectiles may cause difficulty in scoring direct hits beyond short range, but the MIRV effect on impact allows it to remain useful at longer distances. The slow projectiles can be remedied with skills such as Zer0's Vel0city and Maya's Accelerate, as it is with most weapons with slow projectiles.

The SWORDSPLOSION!!! is a very accurate weapon, and with said skills it can easily increase its range from short to mid-range, making it far more versatile.

It is possible to have the child swords hit the enemy directly on impact if aimed at the right spot, inflicting such damage that even some of the strongest enemies can be killed with a single hit. This damage is increased when using the "Casual" prefix, which adds two extra projectiles, tripling the damage.


  • The SWORDSPLOSION!!! can spawn with the "Casual" (vertical grip) prefix normally unavailable to E-tech shotguns, which increases its projectile count by 2 but does not affect ammunition cost. It can also spawn with the "Juicy" (critical hit) prefix, but cannot take advantage of it as all E-tech shotguns cannot inflict critical hits.
  • The "child" swords seem to be a combination of a sword and a grenade.
  • The child projectiles deal 70% of the listed card damage as splash damage. This damage can be further boosted with grenade damage bonuses. Kills with the child projectiles count as grenade kills and will advance the Pull the Pin challenge.
  • Unlike most E-tech shotguns, Absorb Shields do not interact with SWORDSPLOSION!!!'s projectiles.


  • The SWORDSPLOSION!!! is the first E-tech weapon to be manufactured by Torgue.
  • The flavour text refers to Mr Torgue asking Tiny Tina to add the extra abilities (the child swords and explosive element) onto the gun.
    • The flavor text is also a reference to the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, who repeatedly used the phrase "Because Stone Cold Said So!"



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