Rumble in The Jungle is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.


"Apes, lasers, fighting!"



  • Go to scientific outpost
  • Clear jabber infestation (3)
  • Find clues (3)
  • Find Failurebot
  • Follow Failurebot
  • Find scientists
  • Collect ECHO
  • Find jabber tribe
  • Prove yourself
  • Complete Trial of Agility
  • Complete Trial of Strength
  • Complete Trial of Wisdom
    • Go to the Platform of Wisdom
    • Jump into the chasm
  • Speak to jabber king
  • Take ECHO
  • Find secret lab
  • Find ECHO log
  • Investigate bunker
  • Talk to Scaleon
  • Prove yourself
  • Issue challenge
  • Return to science outpost
  • Enter Terradome
  • Kill Queen iOsaur
  • Kill King Bobo
  • Speak to Triumphbot



"Your winnigs, good champion. Now to register my new name on my identity chip... update failed? Aw man!"

Turn In: Failurebot


  • Mission item: Scientist Journal


A subtle note; as Failurebot introduces the fighters, they're announced as 'In this corner...', 'In the other corner...' but the area is a circle.

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