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Ruin is the tier 6 skill in Maya's Cataclysm skill tree. A Phaselocked enemy will first be slagged, then electrocuted, then corroded.

Special Skill Text[]

"Ignorance and inconsideration may be greater causes of ruin, but they are slow and lacking in spectacle."


  • The radius of this effect is approximately twice the size of the Phaselock orb.
  • If Phaselock is terminated (by killing the enemy inside) before the three effects take place, the elemental bursts will still detonate in the same position of the orb. Therefore it is guaranteed to damage all nearby enemies with all three elements, assuming that they stay within the burst radius, when utilizing this action skill.
  • Ruin will detonate its effects in sequence even when targeted on enemies that cannot be Phaselocked.
  • The only element missing is fire, which can be added if points are put into the Helios skill in the Cataclysm tree. Combined with Converge this guarantees maximum damage to all nearby targets.



Ruin skill video preview

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