Rudiger is a character who appears in Tales from the Borderlands.


Rudiger leads a group of bandits at Prosperity Junction. He has a small stand where he sells skag meat. He openly dislikes Hyperion, and is hostile towards Rhys and Vaughn when they first meet him because of this. He says that "Even though Atlas were bastards, they had the good sense to fail." It is implied that Rudiger cares for the people in the town.


When Rhys and Vaughn arrive at Prosperity Junction, the two of them encounter Rudiger and ask for directions to the World of Curiosities. Rudiger, upon noticing that the two strangers are from Hyperion, then summon the bandits and demand their briefcase. Rhys then calls a Loader Bot to their location and takes on the bandits. Later, when Rudiger attempts to attack Rhys with his meat cleaver, Rhys knocks the cleaver away with his baton, leaving Rudiger defenseless. Rhys hits Rudiger with the baton, knocking him back into the billboard covering the World of Curiosities, causing it to fall down and expose the sign behind it marking the museum, upon which Rhys remarks that the confrontation could have been avoided had Rudiger pointed him to the World of Curiosities in the first place.

Rudiger is not seen or heard from again until the very end of the game when the player is prompted to select a team of Vault Hunters to defeat The Traveler. If Athena is chosen, a cutscene will play out with her at Prosperity Junction grilling meat with Rudiger when Rhys arrives.



  • If Rhys addresses Rudiger as "grease face" upon meeting him, his title card will also be changed to "Grease Face", with the tagline "He has a greasy face".
  • His helmet is similar to that of a Crimson Lance.
  • Aside from Hugo P. Vasquez, Rudiger is the first antagonist to appear in the game.
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