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Rubi is a unique pistol in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous located in The Dust, by giving the booze to Mad Moxxi.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried. – 12% transfusion effect when wielded.

Usage & Description[]

Wielding Rubi causes damage dealt by the wielder to restore an amount of their health relative to the damage inflicted. The healing is not limited to damage inflicted directly by the gun, but extends to any damage done by the wielder, no matter the source. Self-inflicted damage will heal the wielder as long as the damage is absorbed completely by their shield. Any self-inflicted health damage will be effectively reduced while holding this gun, as the healing takes effect almost at the same time as the damage. Compared to the 2-3.5% transfusion effect of other Moxxi weapons, the Rubi's 12% transfusion effect makes it a versatile addition to any inventory. Slag versions are generally preferred, as it should be primarily used for support and survivability rather than damage.

The healing effect works even during Fight for Your Life mode. A downed character will still regain health if they hold Rubi while doing damage to enemies. After getting a Second Wind, the character will have a substaintial amount of health restored.

Combined with the right equipment and/or skills, Rubi can be used by any class to dramatically enhance survivability. A Gunzerker can wield Rubi and a high-powered weapon during Gunzerking to maintain both damage and survivability.


  • The Rubi deals an additional 80% splash damage, which in turn is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.
  • Damage done by the Sabre Turret does not heal Axton as the turret is a separate entity.
  • Damage done to objects with a health bar, such as fuse boxes or explosive barrels, also heals the wielder.


  • The weapon's full title in the game files is "Miss Moxxi's Rubi;" however, "Miss Moxxi's" is treated as a prefix by the game engine and can be replaced with other prefixes.
  • Moxxi had originally lost Rubi sometime after the events of the Underdome; but Mordecai found and returned the gun.
  • The red text is a quote from Mae West in the 1936 film Klondike Annie.
  • There is a 1/32 chance of any Rubi variation to be generated (i.e. slag elemental Evisceration Rubi). With 0-7 possible accessories and 4 possible elemental types: (1/8) X (1/4) = 3.125% or a 1 in 32 chance.



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