A Rubberized Grenade is a contact-based grenade that has been equipped with a Rubberized Grenade Mod. Rubberized grenades bounce off all surfaces and explode when they touch an enemy. Rubberized grenades are manufactured by Pangolin.

Usage & Description

When thrown, Rubberized grenades behave like a rubber bouncing ball, continuing to bounce along the ground and any other surfaces until they come in contact (or very close proximity) to any enemy or enemy construct, then explode. Rubberized grenades that do not contact an enemy will continue to bounce around, slowly losing momentum, for six seconds, then explode. Because they follow the laws of physics the use of Rubberized grenades comes with a risk; they are prone to taking unanticipated bounces, even bouncing back to damage the thrower and allies. In large, open areas Rubberized grenades may not reach their intended targets at all. In closed, cramped areas however, like the corridor fights of Sledge's Safe House, The Backdoor, and Lockdown Palace, Rubberized grenades will likely reach an enemy eventually.


  • Rubberized grenades' contact-based nature means that they can be used against air-borne enemies with caution. Their physics-based nature means that, if the intended target is missed, there may be no telling where the grenade will impact and explode.
  • There is a glitch associated with the Rubberized Grenade when thrown at a vending machines and spawn points, like doors: The grenade may get stuck "in" the surface, continue to twirl as though it is flying through the air, constantly produce sparks from the impact, then explode after six seconds.

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