Rose Tinting is a side mission in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC Claptastic Voyage.



  • Pick up hoop
  • Pick up detergent
  • Return to MINAC
  • Destroy front turret
  • Place bubble blower
  • Push paint barrel to cannon
  • Aim cannon
  • Fire cannon
  • Survive MINAC minions (15)
  • Destroy MINAC turrets (6)
  • TURN IN!


MINAC, Claptrap's giant weapon of war from back in his Interplanetary Ninja Assassin days, doesn't want to be a repressed memory anymore. He wants the Vault Hunters to make it a happy memory so it can integrate with Claptrap's systems again. First, it wants its front cannon to shoot something nice and not-deadly. Grab the basketball hoop and some detergent from the marked spots. MINAC will show you a hostile turret that must be destroyed to continue.

Next, a paint job. There is a barrel of paint turned on its side nearby. Stand behind it and walk it up the ramp to the big cannon nearby. The game will automatically control it's movement, so only bumping into it is enough. A few turns of the wheels, a pull of the trigger, and MINAC is both looking and feeling more colorful.

Unfortunately, this registers as a threat to its combat programming. MINAC unwittingly deploys MINAC Minions (Re-skinned insecurity units) and it will also reveal the other six turrets one-by-one, only doing so after the previous one is destroyed. Destroy them all and MINAC will stop the programming, completing the mission.


Turn In: MINAC

"You've helped repress a dark and violent chapter of Claptrap's life. Nice work, Sigmund."


  • MINAC disappears after this mission. Likewise, when the mission first becomes avaliable, MINAC will not spawn until you get close enough.
    • You can only accept/turn in the mission by hoping onto MINAC's top deck from it's tracks, then interacting with the eye.
  • Tesla grenades (like that from Storm Front) will target the bubbles produced by MINAC with their lightning arcs. They can also be destroyed with weapons. If not, they will self-destruct after traveling for a short distance.
  • Compared to it's previous iteration, MINAC lacks the missiles and has fewer turrets.
  • Mission Items
    • Basketball Hoop - Would make an awesome enormous bubble-blower.
    • Detergent - Funjo Hyperion-Brand Detergent! Gets blood out of anything, now with triple bubbling action!

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