Rokets! is the Title of a group of Assault Rifles of Bandit manufacture. The Rokets! is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Rokets! fires small, slow-moving rockets that deal moderate explosive splash damage. As is typical for Bandit weapons, the Rokets! is inaccurate but boasts high damage and a generous magazine, despite the 3-rounds-per-shot penalty for firing rockets with assault rifle ammo. It can spawn with the Bandit belt-box magazine, turning it into a powerful rocket-firing light machine gun.


Any Bandit assault rifle that spawns with the Torgue-manufactured barrel becomes a Rokets!.

A Rokets! that spawns without an accessory or elemental capacitor receives the prefix "Rocket" instead of the standard grip prefix. The Rokets! shares this trait with its cousin the Torpedo, but not with the Rocketeer.

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