Rokets! is the title of a group of common assault rifles. They are manufactured exclusively by bandits, and use the Torgue barrel. The Rokets! is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Rokets! fires a small rockets, similar to its "cousins" the Torpedo and Rocketeer. Each rocket fired expends 3 rounds of assault rifle ammunition. The rocket travels in an erratic path at a low velocity, exploding when it strikes an enemy or obstacle.

Upon exploding, the rocket delivers 100% of its gun damage value as splash damage in a small radius. The rocket inflicts no additional impact damage upon a direct hit. Bonuses to grenade or splash damage will not increase the damage delivered, nor will bonuses to rocket launcher damage. Bonuses to gun damage such as Axton's Impact skill, however, will increase damage delivered.

Although the projectiles fired struggle to fly straight, they never go completely off course, making this gun usable for long range combat. Other than the greatly increased weapon damage, the Torgue barrel also gives this gun reduced fire rate and reload speed along with increased recoil and magazine size (which is negligible due to the high rate of ammo consumption).


  • Rokets! is not available at white rarity.
  • A Rokets! that spawns without an accessory or elemental capacitor receives the prefix "Rockit" instead of the standard grip prefix. The Rokets! shares this trait with its "cousin" the Torpedo, but not with the Rocketeer.
  • Like all assault rifles with the Torgue Torpedo barrel, detonating Rokets! projectiles can be absorbed by an Absorption Shield, which will convert them into rocket launcher ammunition insead of assault rifle ammunition.
  • The blue- and purple-rarity Rokets! have some of the slowest reload speeds of any weapon in the game.
  • Borderlands 2 treats the projectiles as rockets and will therefore never trigger Krieg's Blood Overdrive skill, not even with a direct hit.

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