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The Roid Rage Psycho is a grossly muscled monster of a man, who serves as a lieutenant of Sledge. He is encountered at the end of the story mission, Sledge: To The Safe House.


The Roid Rage Psycho is among Sledge's most powerful henchmen and has been stationed in Sledge's Safe House to guard an all-important 'key'. He is located in the large, circular chamber at the end of the safe house and will attack any intruders on sight (along with numerous Mutant Midget Psychos). The Roid Rage Psycho must be defeated in order for the Mine Key to be collected.



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  • Roid rage is a slang term for the mood swings experienced by users of anabolic steroids, a reference to the Roid Rage Psycho's grossly proportioned musculature.
  • The Roid Rage has the same sound effects as the Badass Psycho and has the same death sound effect.