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Rogue is Mordecai's second skill tree, of three. The Rogue tree increases the effectiveness of Mordecai's Action Skill, Bloodwing, as well as improving item drops. His other two skill trees are Sniper and Gunslinger.



Rogue Skill Tree

Tier 1[]

  • Swift Strike: Increases Bloodwing Damage and movement speed. (First level: +20% Bloodwing Damage, +8% Bloodwing Speed)
  • Swipe: The Bloodwing causes enemies to drop additional money, ammo and healing items when it attacks. (First level: Maximum number of additional items dropped: 1)

Tier 2[]

  • Fast Hands: Increases reload speed with all weapon types. (First level: +8%)
  • Out For Blood: When your Bloodwing strikes an enemy you gain health based on the amount of damage done. (First level: Percentage of damage converted to health: 7%)

Tier 3[]

  • Aerial Impact: Attacks from your Bloodwing can Daze enemies, reducing their movement speed and accuracy. (First level: Chance to Daze vs. an equal level enemy: 20%)
  • Ransack: Killing an enemy increases the amount of loot you get from other enemies killed for a few seconds. (First level: Chance to drop an additional item: 20%)

Tier 4[]

  • Bird of Prey: Increases the number of targets the Bloodwing can attack before returning. (First level: The Bloodwing attacks up to 2 targets).

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