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Rocko's Modern Strife is a side mission in Borderlands 2, given by Brick after he arrives at Sanctuary.


"Brick has set up shop in Sanctuary, but the Slabs still need some stuff done back at Thousand Cuts. Brick has sent you to meet with his lieutenant, an irascible man named Rocko."



Go talk to Rocko.

  • Talk to Rocko


Brick needs someone to go check up on the Slabs in his absence and asks the Vault Hunters to go back to Thousand Cuts and meet with Rocko, a lieutenant in the gang. Rocko can be found relaxing in a small structure a short distance from the entrance to the main area.


"Rocko needs your help defending Thousand Cuts from a Hyperion onslaught."

Turn In: Rocko


  • The Slab bandits usually present in the area will not spawn during this mission. The only exceptions to this are unique enemies such as One-Armed Bandits, Loot Goon Goliaths, and Loot Midgets, which may still spawn occasionally. Leaving this mission active makes it easy to loot the chests in this area, or farm the ammunition chests and dumpsters for Loot Midgets.
  • the beer bottles appear first when this mission is available and Rocko sits in his shack.


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