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Rocket Launcher is the Title of the balanced and most basic group of rocket launchers. They come in single, burst fire and helix fire modes.

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Usage & Description[]

Rocket Launchers propel explosives down range at their designated target. Depending on which barrel the rocket launcher spawns with, it may be difficult to hit individual targets. Particularly, the triple (3-burst) and spread (5-burst in a horizontal line) models can make conservative use of rockets difficult since every shot consumes 3 or 5 rockets from the player's ammo pool. On the other hand, a helix barrel shoots 3 mini-rockets while consuming only one ammo, thus providing higher damage per ammo used relative to the other models, but with a smaller blast radius per rocket[citation needed]. Due to the potentially high cost of operation and the nature of Rocket Launchers themselves, they are most effective against tightly-packed groups of enemies at long range. This method allows the splash damage to be the most effective.