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Rocket Launcher parts are fairly simple, as any combination of parts may spawn together to make a particular launcher.

Different parts will influence different attributes of the weapon.

Body Stock Magazine Barrel Sight Accessory
Damage x x x x
Accuracy x x x
Recoil x x x
Rate of fire x x
Reload speed x x
Capacity x x
Tech x x x

Note: Rocket launcher parts also include a grip. However, the grip does not affect any of the weapon's attributes. Each grip design is specific to the weapon's manufacturer.

A rocket launcher's name derives from the body, stock, and magazine parts present on the weapon.



The body of a rocket launcher is usually easy to identify, since the model name declares it straightforwardly.

Part Model
Damage Rate of fire Recoil Tech Notes
body1 RPG -8% Baseline
body3 SPC -15% +30% -30% +3 Fast-firing and stable but weak. The tech bonus does little for the weapon
body5 RWL +20% +50% -20% +1 Premium


The stock is completely specified within the weapon's model number. For unique weapons without a model number, the stock is easily distinguishable in profile.

The stock affects both overall weapon stability (i.e., recoil reduction), accuracy and reload speed.

Like sniper rifles, there are no stockless rocket launchers. All rocket launchers will have a stock other than stock_none.

Note that the weapon's model number is a function of both its stock model number (listed here) as well as its magazine model number.

Part Model
Recoil Reload
stock2 10 -10% -10% +20% -40% +30% Slowest reload
stock3 20 -20% -20% +40% -30% Good stability
stock4 50 -30% -30% +60% -80% +20% Better stability with a slight reload penalty
stock5 70 -40% -40% +80% -100% Best stability, no reload penalty


The magazine is specified within the weapon's model number. For unique launchers without a model number, the magazine can be very difficult to identify, though sometimes the ammo capacity or reload speed will provide a clue.

Primarily, the magazine affects the reload speed, but it can augment damage and ammo capacity as well.

Note that the weapon's model number is a function of both its magazine model number (listed here) as well as its stock model number.

Part Model
Ammo Damage Reload
mag1 0 -10% Slightly faster reload
mag2 1 Baseline
mag3 2 -30% Faster reload
mag4 6 +15% +30% Bonus damage, reload penalty
mag5 7 +25% -40% Fastest reload. Greater ammo capacity for some legendary and unique launchers


Rocket launchers barrels do not affect the weapon's model number. Since so many variants resemble one another, the visuals must be assessed together with the item card statistcs in order to identify the part.

Whereas most weapons get their special trick-shot effects from a special accessory, a launcher takes most of its unusual effects from its barrel. This allows diverse flavors of elemental launchers, as well as high-velocity helix shots, high-damage spreads, and so forth.

Barrels strongly affect the launcher's damage and ammo capacity, and can influence accuracy as well.

Part Damage Ammo Acc.
barrel1_3shot -20% +1 Adds an extra shot, giving an ammo capacity of 3 in most cases
barrel1_helix -20% +1 Similar to barrel1_3shot, but each shot breaks into 3 separate projectiles
barrel1_triple -20% +1 +200% Similar to barrel1_3shot, but fires in inaccurate bursts of 3 shots
barrel1_spread -20% +3 Ammo capacity of 5 in most cases. Fires in bursts of 5 shots. The barrel of the legendary Mongol resembles this
barrel2_2shot Baseline. The barrels of the legendary Nidhogg and Rhino resemble this
barrel4_1shot +25% -1 One-shot weapon with high damage. The barrel of the legendary Redemption resembles this


As with all weapons in Borderlands, the grip does not affect any of the rocket launcher's attributes. Each grip design is specific to the weapon's manufacturer, therefore each launcher of the same manufacturer will have the same grip.

Part Hyperion Maliwan Torgue Vladof
grip1 X
grip3 X
grip4 X
grip5 X


Rocket Launcher sights are easily distinguished by the zoom statistic published on the weapon's gun card. They have little further effect on the weapon's attributes.

Part Zoom Tech Notes
sight1 1.9x Open ring sight
sight2 2.7x Low-power scope
sight3 3.2x +1 Medium-power electronic scope, trivial tech boost
sight4 4.3x Higher-power scope
sight5 4.9x Highest-power scope.


Unlike other parts, the accessory part does not have a consistent effect on a weapon's attributes: some accessories boost tech, some alter recoil, some increase rate of fire. Some accessories grant a special property to the weapon, Elemental Damage, beyond mere attribute modification; furthermore, almost all accessories make their weapon eligible for a special name prefix describing the weapon's altered behavior, such as "Recoiless" [sic][1] or "Evil."

An accessory may or may not be present on any given rocket launcher, and no more than a single accessory may be present.

The combination of the accessory and the barrel defines most of a launcher's interesting behavior.

Elemental accessories[]

There are three different elemental accessories, acc3_corrosive, acc3_shock, and acc5_incendiary, corresponding to the three different varieties of Elemental Damage other than Explosive. (As any launcher lacking an elemental accessory has the Explosive element, there is no acc5_explosive for launchers.) Each glow in the color corresponding to their element, making them easily identifiable.

Elemental accessories grant rockets fired from the launcher elemental properties, causing it to explode in a ball of flame, electricity, or acid. Unlike the elemental accessories of most weapons, they impose no penalty on damage. They all also provide a slight tech increase, though that increase is of unknown benefit to a rocket launcher.

A rocket launcher with an elemental accessory is eligible for various elemental prefixes, depending on the weapon's element and net tech level.

Recoiless accessory[]

The Recoiless [sic] accessory acc1_Recoiless greatly increases weapon accuracy, improving the accuracy minimum by -50% and spread by -300%, and greatly diminishes recoil as well (-300%).

A weapon with the Recoiless accessory is eligible for the Recoiless prefix.

Evil accessory[]

The Evil accessory acc2_Evil increases the weapon's rate of fire by +30%, improves the accuracy minimum by -100%, and increases the speed of the launched rocket by +50%. This projectile velocity bonus stacks with the effects of the Harpoon title, as well as Lilith's High Velocity skill. It also provides an increase in tech level.

A weapon with the Evil accessory is eligible for the Evil prefix.

Devastating accessory[]

The Devastating accessory acc4_Devastating increases weapon damage by +35% and provides a slight tech increase, along with an increase in splash damage radius.

A weapon with the Devastating accessory is eligible for the Devastating prefix.

No accessory[]

The part acc_none serves as a placeholder for a weapon with conventional behavior, nothing more. A rocket launcher with this non-part will always have the Explosive element.


Other than unique drops, a rocket launcher name consists of the name of its body, a model number comprising stock and magazine, a possible manufacturer-specific material code, a prefix derived from its attributes or accessory, and a title.

Body name[]

The first element of the rocket launcher name is the name of its body part. To recap:

Name Body denoted
RPG body1
SPC body3
RWL body5

Model number[]

The model number consists of the sum of the number codes for the weapon's stock and magazine. Weapons with both stock3 or higher and mag3 or higher have this model number further multiplied by 10, denoting their premium quality.

mag1 mag2 mag3 mag4 mag5
stock2 10 11 12 16 17
stock3 20 21 220 260 270
stock4 50 51 520 560 570
stock5 70 71 720 760 770

Material code[]

Material codes are common to all weapons. See Material Grade for more info.


The prefix is determined either by the weapon's overall attributes, its accessory, or possibly its material grade. Attribute prefixes may further bias the weapon's attributes.


The title is determined either from the weapon's overall attributes, its accessory, or a legendary part. If the weapon does not qualify for any of these, its title defaults to "Rocket Launcher."

Other resources[]


  1. Borderlands' spelling of "Recoilless."