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A Rock Golem is a humanoid pile of rock, magically animated to become a powerful adversary in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Usually encountered singly, or in pairs, they present a formidable threat and are hostile to most races that encounter them.



Rock Golems are large and formidable opponents. They normally move around in a slow, lumbering walk, but can also accelerate to a charging run, and launch into a powerful leap. Once they are within range they can employ a varied array of attacks, from a basic melee strike, to a series of ranged attacks. The simplest of these is their ability to toss boulders, which they can throw as a pair. They can also lob fireballs from the furnace in their chest, and these can also induce a burning status effect when they hit.

Resistant to incendiary and shock damage, rock golems are tough opponents, often requiring many hits to destroy. Their critical hit locations are the head and the central furnace. The furnace has a finite amount of structure however, and will be destroyed after sustained hits to that location. Once the furnace is destroyed, the golem will become an Unbound Golem, and from then on will be hostile to everything, even its former allies.

Every time an Unbound Golem kills something, it will level up. It will do this after every kill, which in turn will refill its health bar. However, it may take more than one kill to change its name:

Kills needed Name Prefix
0 Unbound Rock Golem
1 Relentless Rock Golem
2-3 Nasty Rock Golem
4-7 Imposing Rock Golem
7-11 Rock GOD

Some rock golems may level up more times than others before their name is changed. Once a rock golem reaches the status of "Rock GOD" however, they will not level up further, regardless of how many kills they get.

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