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Robot Rampage is a Tier 2 Action Skill Upgrade in Gaige's Ordered Chaos skill tree. It allows Deathtrap to occasionally perform an enhanced melee attack with his digistruct claws in which he spins around rapidly with both claws held out.

Special Skill Text[]

"If one attack is good then seven should be elected Mayor."


  • A rampage lasts for 2 seconds, during which Deathtrap will strike 9 times. Each of these strikes inflicts 62%[citation needed] of a regular melee strike. At the end of the rampage Deathtrap will strike once more immediately for full damage.
  • Every hit of Robot Rampage is considered a separate melee hit for the purposes of effects that add additional damage on hit, such as the Love Thumper, Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield, and the effects of Make it Sparkle.
  • When Deathtrap uses this attack his claws will glow orange instead of the usual blue.
  • This attack pushes enemies far away, if they survive the attack and are light enough.
  • If this attack kills an enemy, and there are no other enemies nearby, Deathtrap will stop the attack. This will cause the spinning noise to loop loudly until either Deathtrap goes away or until he finds another foe to strike at. (Mostly patched, but may still occur for a short period if Deathtrap targets an enemy such as a Rakk with his lightning bolt immediately after. The sound will end when he stops spamming the lightning attack.)


  • Taking this skill adds two curved blades to Deathtrap's chest, smaller in size than those added by Anarchy.
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