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The Riot Trooper is a Maliwan trooper found in Borderlands 3. They are specialized soldiers of the Maliwan corporation equipped with a shield and an energy baton and focus on melee attacks.

Although functionally the same, Riot Troopers that appear during the Bloody Harvest Halloween event inside The Heck Hole are renamed to "Dissection Troopers".



Riot Troopers are not equipped with firearms and are only capable of melee attacks, or throwing their batons at a distance. They are capable of performing rapid "dashing" attacks that have a surprising range and can catch Vault Hunters off guard. They are also equipped with a riot shield that is capable of deflecting bullets, but it does not cover their entire body and leaves them vulnerable to leg or headshots. Although they can be staggered with enough gunfire to the shield, it is generally wiser to aim for the exposed parts of their body. Certain action skills, such as Phasegrasp and Rakk Attack!, can bypass their shields entirely.