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Riding to Ruin is the last story mission in the Bounty of Blood, a downloadable content pack for the Borderlands 3.


"Butcher Rose is about to hatch the Ruiner! Nothing left to do but grab yourself a posse and ride to Crater's Edge for the final showdown. Bounty of blood ends here, gunslinger. One way or the other."



  • Return to Vestige
  • Talk to Juno
  • Defend town center
  • Follow Juno
  • Defend Titus and Juno
  • Defeat devils
  • Return to Juno
  • Talk to Juno
  • Kill Rose
    • Meet in the Blastplains
    • Digistruct jetbeast
    • Follow posse
    • Wait for Juno to place bomb
    • Shoot bomb
    • Go to Crater's Edge
  • Kill Ruiner
  • Collect bounty
    • Go to Blackstone Plaza
    • Talk to Juno
    • Take key



  • Mission items: City Key
  • If the player restarts the game, changes Mayhem Level, or other actions that will reset the map during the Blastplains segment, there is a high chance of a game-breaking bug. Juno will simply stand in front of the door to Rose's fortress, and will never plant the bomb to open the door. The only way to complete the quest is to join as a guest, in splitscreen or multiplayer, and have the host proceed through the quest. Once Crater's Edge is entered, the risk of the bug is gone.


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