The Rider is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Gearbox. Examples are on the talk page.

Special Weapon Effects

Careful... you might put someone's eye out. – Magazine Size of 20, high Fire Rate, reduced base damage, no scope.

Usage & Description

The Rider is a scopeless sniper rifle suitable for shooting near to mid-range targets. Due to its limited farming options, where it cannot be obtained beyond a narrow window of Playthrough 1 and Playthrough 2, it is frequently regarded as a poor choice of weapon.

Drop Guide


The Rider gets its effect from the Ryder_mag5 magazine, which is responsible for the increased fire rate and ammo capacity. All other aspects are defined by the predetermined parts: sight_none, body5, barrel2, and stock2. The only un-defined part of the Rider is accessory. The Rider is made of Ryder_Material, which has absolutely no modifiers. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Ryder_mag5 mag5
Accuracy Maximum: -50%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -3
Clip Size: +15
Reload Speed: -50%
Fire Rate: +100%
Damage: -200%
Recoil: -400%

Clip Size: +2
Reload Speed: -50%
Fire Rate: +21%


  • This gun is a reference to A Christmas Story. The main protagonist, Ralphie, continually tells everyone that he wants a Red Ryder BB Gun, to which everyone (including Santa) responds, "You'll shoot your eye out."
  • Aside from the pre-order "Mercenary Guns Pack" code, the Rider is the only weapon appearing in Borderlands that is manufactured by Gearbox. However, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx adds several more Gearbox-manufactured weapons.
  • The various parts that compose the Rider in the weapon code have inconsistent spellings — some use "Rider", while others use "Ryder".

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