Rider is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Gearbox which is found in the Hidden Basement in New Haven. This is one of the only weapons in the game where the manufacturer is Gearbox, the creator of Borderlands. The manufacturer logo is replaced by the gearbox logo in the top right hand corner.

This sniper rifle has no scope which is similar to the Whitting's Elephant Gun.

It is possible to find multiple versions of the gun by saving, exiting the game, and entering the Hidden Basement again.

Special Effects

  • Careful... you might put someone's eye out.
  • +150% Critical Hit Damage
  • The Blue Rider has been received with:
    • no visible other effects apart from a small increase to damage. 155 --> 189
    • no visible other effects apart from a small increase to fire rate. 3.6 --> 4.3
    • no visible other effects apart from a small increase to accuracy. 93.6 --> 95.1
    • 133 damage with x1 corrosive
    • 137 damage with x1 corrosive
    • 133 damage with x1 fire
    • 133-137 damage with x1 explosive
    • 137 damage with x1 shock
    • 133 damage with x1 fire


From the New-U station (fast travel point) go to the back of Helena Pierce's building and a small blue shack with a door will be seen. The player may only pass through the door if the quest 'Another Piece Of The Puzzle' is active and none of it has been completed. Inside the shack is a lift which will take you down to basement where the player will have to fight 3-5 psychos, possibly including a badass.

In the red weapon crate to the left of what seems to be a Christmas tree is the Rider, a scope-less sniper rifle dealing roughly 74 damage per shot with a 20 round magazine. In the white weapon box to the left are some other weapons and in lockers scattered in the basement hold money, Class Mods, Shields and Pistols. Once the quest 'Another Piece Of The Puzzle' is turned in the shack is inaccessible unless the quest is reactivated in a different playthrough or different character.

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This gun is a reference to "A Christmas Story", in which the main protagonist, Ralphie, continually tells everyone that he wants a Red Ryder BB Gun, to which everyone (including Santa) responds, "You'll shoot your eye out."

The reference goes further as the quest that the Rider is obtainable during has you fight the Rakk Hive, a four-eyed creature on which you can "shoot it's eyes out" for critical damage. The term "four-eyes" also is used in reference to a person whom wears glasses, which Ralphie does.

Yet another reference is a desk lamp in the basement. It's a leg with a lampshade mounted on it, kind of like the one Ralphie's father wins in the movie. The lamp is surrounded by a shield which prevents it from being "broken".

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