Rico is a legendary shield in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Anshin. It is obtained from the mission All Bets Off located in VIP Tower.

Special Effects

You wanna live forever? – Has a 50% chance to reflect projectiles when charged, and an 80% chance to reflect projectiles when depleted.

Usage & Description

While the Rico does not have impressive shield stats compared to other Legendaries, it sacrifices this to offer exceptionally high projectile reflection.


  • As the Rico is a quest-only reward, farming it is only possible by creating a back-up of the save file before the quest is turned in or by starting the DLC with a new character save file.


  • The name and flavor text are a reference to the 1997 movie Starship Troopers. The text is a quote by the movie's protagonist, Rico.
    • The full quote is "Come on you apes! You want to live forever?" and in the movie is first used by Lt. Jean Rasczak whom Rico quotes later.
  • The RICO Act is used to fight against organized crime. The epicenter of American casinos, Las Vegas, has a rich history of organized crime involvement.
  • Despite coming with a chance to reflect projectiles by default, the Rico can also come with the Reflecting modifier, giving it an additional chance to reflect.
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