Rhys is an employee of the Hyperion Corporation, and one of the two main protagonists of Tales from the Borderlands.


Rhys is an ambitious man, and dreams of becoming the next Handsome Jack, trying his best to fill in his shoes. He gets along with two co-workers, Vaughn and Yvette, but maintains a rivalry with Vasquez.

Rhys' most notable features are his ECHO eye implant, which allows him to scan objects and reveal information about them, all of which are from the Hyperion database; and his mechanical right arm, which has a built-in interface. Rhys got his cyber ware to help him get ahead in the data-mining department. It was paid for by his quarterly bonus, which he received for arranging a lucrative (though controversial) Eridium mining deal.


While heading to his boss' office to earn his promotion, Rhys finds out that Vasquez has taken over, and he gets demoted to "assistant vice janitor". Having overheard Vasquez talking about purchasing a Vault Key, he then heads to Pandora with Vaughn to make the purchase first using Hyperion's funds. It isn't long before he and Vaughn accidentally stir up trouble with the local bandits led by Rudiger and after requesting a Loader Bot to defuse the situation, the two of them enter the World of Curiosities, an antique shop owned by Shade. There they find the body of Nakayama and take his ID chip before meeting up with the dealer, August, and his girlfriend Sasha. Unbeknownst to Rhys, Vaughn and August, the key was a forgery made by Fiona, Sasha and their adoptive mentor Felix. As soon as they discover this, the deal is crashed by Bossanova and Zer0. Bossanova escapes with the money, while Rhys and Vaughn take shelter within Felix's van and makes an alliance with him, Fiona and Sasha, leaving behind a vengeful August.

Rhys attempts to track the money using an ID drive he retrieved from Professor Nakayama's corpse in the antique shop, but then collapses and blacks out. The group later finds Bossanova's base, an abandoned Atlas warehouse, and proceeds to infiltrate it. While Felix stays behind for getaway, Rhys and Sasha are separated from Vaughn and Fiona, who get recruited into a bandit death race. The two of them find a lift leading to the arena, but while trying to get it moving, Rhys' system begins to malfunction. A mysterious voice taunts him as he tries to get things working. Eventually, they manage to get away from the skags, with the help of Zer0. The three of them arrive at the center of the arena, where Bossanova is hosting the death race. Rhys struggles to stay alive, but the briefcase is tossed around the racing arena, where Fiona and Vaughn are participating. Felix eventually recovers the case, but then announces his betrayal to Fiona. He attempts to open the case, not knowing there is a bomb linked to Vaughn's bio signature inside. The bomb explodes, destroying all the money inside (and killing Felix). As the group tries to figure out what to do next, Loader bot returns and causes Rhys to accidentally find an underground room containing Atlas prototype tech, including a strange item displaying a map of a Vault. At this point, the voice inside Rhys' head gets clearer, and as he turns around, he finds a hologram of Handsome Jack greeting him.





Rhys, due to his cybernetics, is an excellent hacker. With some modifications by AI Jack, he can hack many different programs.


  • Rhys' colorful striped sock is a nod to Troy Baker's own love for colorful striped socks.


  • Rhys' shoe size is 13 as stated by scanning Fiona in Episode 3 "Atlas Mugged".
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