Revolver is the title of the balanced and most basic group of revolvers.

Usage & Description

Revolvers are a type of pistol that have very high base damage and a hidden critical damage bonus. but very low fire rates and magazine capacity. Despite being pistols, revolvers have their own ammo, but share weapon proficiencies with repeater pistols and machine pistols. Revolvers are best used by players that like to aim for critical hits rather than a spray and pray playstyle.

Revolvers can also be used like sniper rifles, if they have high enough accuracy and a long range scope or like a shotgun if equipped with a Masher accessory. Their slower fire rates can lead to more high elemental procs. This makes revolvers one of the most all-round versatile weapons in the game.

The drawback to revolvers compared to other pistols is their slower fire rates and magazine capacity. This means that fewer shots will impact the target in a given time frame compared to other pistols, if all shots land on target. Some skills and class mods can increase magazine capacity and rate of fire, offsetting these drawback slightly.

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