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The Revolution is a legendary machine gun manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Guns of the Revolution will never fall silent! – Extended magazine, lower fire rate.

Description & usage[]

The Revolution is designed as a Support Machine Gun: It has a huge magazine, and can pound opponents with an unrelenting stream of projectiles. Its reduced fire rate guarantees an excessively long time between reloads.

However, the reduced fire rate on the gun and the moderate damage lends its advantage to long, drawn out battles with large groups of enemies, not quick skirmishes in enclosed spaces.

The Revolution is a trade-off: Increased magazine capacity in exchange for average fire rate and damage.


The Revolution effect comes from the mag5_VladofRevolution magazine, which is based on mag5. Compared to mag5, the mag5_VladofRevolution carries much more ammo, but reduces the fire rate. The mag5_VladofRevolution also has reduced recoil, but regenerates accuracy slower. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

mag5_VladofRevolution mag5
Reload Speed: +40%
Clip Size: +56
Damage: +18%
Tech Level: +1
Fire Rate: -33%
Accuracy Regen Rate: -100%
Recoil: -100%
Reload Speed: +35%
Clip Size: +24
Damage: +18%
Tech Level: +1


  • This is one of the few guns manufactured by Vladof that features a decreased fire rate. Most Vladof guns instead feature increased fire rates.