Revive is a Tier Three talent in Roland's Medic tree that causes his Scorpio Turret to sometimes instantly revive nearby allies when deployed.


The Scorpio Turret has a chance to instantly revive nearby crippled friends when deployed.

+(14...70)% Revival Chance

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Chance 14 28 42 56 70


Deploying the Scorpio Turret near teammates who are already down has no effect. The Scorpio Turret will only revive crippled allies who go down whilst the turret is currently deployed, provided they are in its vicinity. As long as teammates remain in the area of the turret whilst in combat, they are able to be instantly revived multiple times throughout the duration of the turret's deployment.


It is highly beneficial to also select Aid Station when choosing this skill as the two talents have excellent synergy together. Any allies saved with Revive will immediately start healing through Aid Station, greatly decreasing the chance they will immediately be taken down again. Also, if the Scorpio Turret fails to revive all allies on the field, the healing from Aid Station can be the difference between life and death while they are being healed manually.

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