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Revenge of the Cartels: Ultraviolet Nights is an optional mission and content-addon for Borderlands 3 given by Maurice as part of the Revenge of the Cartels event.


"Maurice has run afoul of the Eridium Cartel. The Crime Boss Joey Ultraviolet is hidden in his secret hideout-in order to find it you'll have to hunt down his underlings across the galaxy for the coordinates."



  • Find Maurice
  • Search galaxy for a cartel operative
  • Go to cartel's last known location in Ascension Bluff
  • Search galaxy for hideout coordinates (30)
  • Talk to Maurice
  • Go to Villa Ultraviolet
  • Find cartel boss
    • Head to front gate
      • Clear the area
    • Collect fountain piece
      • Clear the area
    • Return golden mask to fountain
  • Kill Joey Ultraviolet
  • Return to Maurice


Joey Ultraviolet's boss fight consists of three phases, and he is immune to damage for the first stage and partially during the second stage. At the start of the fight, numerous enemies will be spawned in and the arena itself is booby-trapped. Each side of the main arena can move away to reveal a caustic pool, and the various red dots on the pillars can activate and reveal powerful lasers.

Joey himself will wait behind a laser barrier while he sends in several Crypto Prowlers. The dispersal of these units vary. Some will be close range, some will be long-range, and often one of them will be a Badass variant. The strategy for dealing with them is functionally the same for any of the Wolves. As they are armored and almost always shielded, shock and corrosive weapons are recommended. During this phase, a Cartel Thor will spawn in one of three elevated positions above the arena. Like the same enemy from the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, these enemies are highly armored with a mobile shield, however, their shield does not drain like the others. Quickly dealing with the Thor is recommended as its firepower can interfere with shield regeneration.

The second wave of enemies will spawn after a certain amount of time has passed and does not wait for the first wave to be eliminated. Two of the story bosses from the event will appear in the fight: Roaster, FISH SLAP!, Franco Firewall, The Tenderizer, Josie Byte or Tyrone Smallums, accompanied by their respective soldiers. One of the Cartel Underbosses will spawn into the field to aid Joey's fight. The Underboss fought will be different in each playthrough but will always appear with a shield. Once their shield has been broken, the Underboss becomes immune to damage and will retreat behind the laser wall to Joey. A second Underboss will also spawn during this first phase, while and amount of time between both Underbosses is enough to deal with the first, the second Underboss will not wait for the defeat of the first. As such, it is extremely important to prioritize targets during this first phase.

Once both Underbosses have been defeated, Joey himself and the two Underbosses will jump back into the arena. The extra shield layer of the Underbosses will not be replenished, however, they must be dealt with first. While Joey himself leaps about attacking the Vault Hunter, he will be immune to all damage until the Underbosses are dealt with. During this phase, extra enemies can spawn in and make the fight easier or harder depending on what decides to spawn. The spawns during this phase are not reliant on which gang was fought in the mansion (i.e. it is possible to only fight the Cryptosec in the mansion and still be attacked by a combination of all three gangs during the boss). Psycho Dusters during this phase can prove extremely deadly. Without a speed enhancement, they will outrun the Vault Hunter and deal significant melee damage, especially if they manage to group up on the Vault Hunter.

With both Underbosses defeated, Joey himself becomes vulnerable. As Joey is armored for his first health bar, a corrosive weapon will be the most effective. It is also worth noting that whatever traps Joey left active before the boss fight will stay active, so if he left the acid pools open, he can run over them and be afflicted with a corrosive status effect. Unlike the first phase, the traps will no longer move around or activate/deactivate.

Joey himself attacks like a modified Mauler during this phase. He uses an energy shield and melee weapon, blocks hits that strike the shield, will sometimes ditch his weapon and rush at the Vault Hunter with the shield, and aims for melee blows. Joey also has two unique attack forms; firstly, he has access to a special leaping attack that creates a shockwave and can help him close the gap between himself and his target. Secondly, when he slams his shield on the ground, he creates a nova blast in the direction of the landing. He can also slam his shield on the ground as well to create this nova.

It is possible for the third phase to be skipped entirely if enough damage is dealt to Joey and empty his health bar immediately after finishing his armored bar. Otherwise, he will enter the third phase where he fully refills his health bar, turn purple, ditch the shield, grows to the size of a Goliath, and grab a gun (attacking much like a Badass Enforcer from here on). He can also spawn high-armor and shielded Cartel Turrets during this phase. Destroying one does not stop another from spawning, but the pillars in the arena can be used to block their fire. Joey himself can occasionally glow purple, grow in size, deal extra damage, and heal all at once. During this phase, the regular cartel members will stop spawning and be almost entirely Psycho Dusters. The combination of Dusters, turrets, Joey himself, and the various traps potentially still active on the field will necessitate moving around and frequently killing Dusters to be able to hit Joey. If Joey has not taken damage for a certain amount of time, he will restore his health again.

Once Joey is defeated, the boss fight ends, all of the other enemies immediately die, and the fight is over.


Now, you will accepts Maurice's payment for your help.
Maurice has much currency from devouring many wealthy foes in poker... Maurice may need your services again soon. Return to Murice if you hunger for work.

Turn In: Maurice


  • The two Underbosses that spawn during the fight count towards the objective "Locked In Here With Me"
  • Occasionally, the game will fail to register the challenges related to killing Joey Ultraviolet. As the mission is repeatable, defeating him again will usually fix the problem.
  • The only time the challenge "Every mansion needs a puzzle" can be completed is during the mission. If the puzzle is failed and Joey is still alive, the game can be reloaded to try again.

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