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Res is a tier 3 skill in Maya's Harmony skill tree. It allows her to instantly revive a crippled ally by Phaselocking them.


Res skill video preview.

Special Skill Text[]

"Rise from your grave"


In Co-op, Res can be combined with other skills in the Harmony tree to create a group medic. The immediate ranged revive of Res is essential to a true medic build. Long distance revives can be accomplished with a scoped weapon, Phaselocking while zoomed.

Keeping the medic safe is self-serving for the rest of the group while keeping the group safe is self-serving for the medic. A medic should choose long distance damage/support skills such as Scorn, Cloud Kill, etc. to augment Res ability and safety.


  • The Legendary Siren class mod, five points in Quicken, and a cooldown relic (Proficiency Relic or Bone of the Ancients) reduces Phaselock cooldown to about 4 to 5 seconds. This allows the use of Res reliably in situations where allies are going down repeatedly in quick succession.
  • The rules of engaging Phaselocking also apply with Res: Maya can use Res from any distance as long as the ally is in direct line of sight, keeping Maya safe from having to run into the front lines to revive a target.
    • Another advantage Res has over a normal revive is that it may be used the moment an ally becomes crippled. The button prompt for a manual revive is only available after an ally's brief "downing" animation as they enter Fight For Your Life.
    • Res also follows the rules of revival, except for the speed of the process. Like a normal revive, the ally returns with full shields and 25% of their health (altered by Tenacity Relics and similar effects as usual), while Maya receives 100 experience points. The target is informed that Res was used on them.
  • Depending on the situation, a player may choose to Phaselock a particularly aggressive enemy threat and perform a manual revive rather than use Res. This may allow a teammate returning to gameplay time to regroup or find cover. Points in Suspension increasing Phaselock duration further facilitate this reservation of Res.
  • Using Res counts towards the Challenge This Is No Time For Lazy!.


  • Res may be used on Lilith during Hunting the Firehawk, instead of going through the normal revive process when she asks for help. Maya receives the 100xp reward as usual, but the notification says "Used Res on " (with no name specified).
  • Res may be used on Krieg during the 3 second interval before he explodes from Light The Fuse. (Though this is lightly tested, it's confirmed there is still an explosion as well as the damage there after.)
  • The flavor text is from the game Altered Beast. The phrase is spoken at the beginning of each stage.

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