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A Repair Kit is a speciality kit that is used to repair a broken Claptrap.

Item Use

Repair kits are always found near a damaged Claptrap (presumably the Claptrap the developers intended the kit to be used for). After a Claptrap has been spoken to and its mission has been accepted, the nearby repair kit will be lit up as a mission objective and can be collected for use. Returning to the Claptrap and repairing it will then consume the repair kit and return the Claptrap to working order. There is only one of these repair kits for each claptrap, and that repair kit must be used on its matched claptrap. They cannot be interchanged.

Mission Involvement


  • Repair kits carry a Dahl logo on the side.
  • The first Rescue Mission is the only one where you need to perform a diagnostic.
  • Several claptrap repair kits are scattered around Pandora simply for decoration. These repair kits may be picked up when a repair mission is active, but the game will not acknowledge the action. In New Haven, there are actually a few extra repair kits located not far from the broken claptrap, but it's still necessary to pick up the "correct" repair kit to complete the mission.