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The Reogenator is a legendary adaptive shield manufactured by Anshin. Reogenator is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Are you alright, Isaac? – Increased max health and health regeneration. High elemental resistance. Reduced shield capacity and recharge delay. Health regeneration scales inversely as damage is taken to the shield.

Usage & Description[]

At first glance, the low capacity of the Reogenator, combined with the low health regeneration offered, is unremarkable. However, it provides impressive resistance to elemental damage (reducing most DoT to an annoyance at worst), and its regenerative properties grow progressively more powerful as the shield's capacity is depleted. Due to this, the Reogenator excels in prolonged combat situations in which the wearer is frequently taking damage, but is versatile enough to be used effectively in almost any situation.

However, the Reogenator's low capacity all but ensures it will be fully depleted by any unresisted rockets or attacks of similar power, and its regeneration is lackluster when the shield is full. As with all adaptive shields, the Reogenator has no elemental resistance when initially equipped. It will not adopt an elemental resistance until after taking elemental damage and loses its active resistance after depletion.