Remnant is a tier 5 passive skill in Amara's Mystical Assault skill tree. Whenever Amara kills an enemy with a gun or her Action Skill, she creates a homing projectile that seeks out a new enemy and deals elemental damage of the same type as her Action Skill element. Any overkill damage is added to the projectile's damage.


  • Base Damage: varies with character level and skill rank. At level 50, it is roughly 651 damage per rank ("roughly" because the value is rounded):
Rank 1 2 3
Base Damage (level 50) 651 1301 1952
Rank 4
Base Damage (level 50) 2603

Can only be leveled past 3 with a class mod that increases Remnant rank.

Usage & description

Remnant deals overkill damage, which means that all excess damage from the kill that spawns the orb (all damage dealt beyond what was needed to kill the enemy) is added to its base damage.

Excess damage is added before the elemental multiplier is applied: all excess damage – in most cases, Remnant's main damage source – is also affected by elemental multipliers from Amara's action skill element:

RemnantDMG = (RemnantBaseDMG + ExcessDMG) × ElementMultiplier

Unlike the Overkill Guardian reward, a Remnant orb has no overkill damage cap. Spending more than 1 point on Remnant only increases base damage, which can be very low compared to excess damage: e.g. at level 50, with 15000 excess damage, spending two more points will only raise total damage from 15651 to 16952. The higher the excess damage, the smaller the impact of a higher Remnant rank.

Each Remnant orb keeps the excess damage from its respective kill, so if two orbs are in the air at the same time, each will deal overkill damage based on the respective kill that spawned it.


Overkill Guardian reward (GR):

  • The Overkill GR and Remnant are independent of each other in the sense that the GR adds excess damage from the kill to the next gun shot, while Remnant adds the same excess damage to its impact. The Overkill GR never reduces Remnant damage.
    • Quite the contrary: if a kill with increased damage from the Overkill GR results in more excess damage, that causes the resulting Remnant orb to deal higher overkill damage as well.
  • However, the Overkill GR always takes its excess damage from the last kill, no matter what caused it. If the Remnant orb kills an enemy, excess damage for the next gun shot will be based on that. If excess damage from the orb's kill is lower than excess damage from the kill that spawned it, this will reduce Overkill GR damage on the next gun shot.


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